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Daytime office cleaning London

Daisyclean has been delivering daytime office cleaning to number of business clients and it proves to be a very efficient way to clean their premises throughout the day without interrupting the daily business operations. Having cleaners working alongside office staff during the day is considered to be the way forward for regular office cleaning in The UK. The ever growing demand for daytime office cleaning services from our clients clearly indicates for the substantial benefits and advantages from shifting the evening office cleaning to daytime cleaning.

Benefits from Daytime Office Cleaning Services

  • Reduced cost for regular office cleaning – maintaining a high standard of cleaning by employing less staff, extensive training, using the latest cleaning equipment and cleaning systems.
  • Reduced security and energy consumption – cleaners work alongside office staff during normal business hours.
  • Increased productivity – cleaners are trained and involved in more specialized cleaning jobs or additional duties from the support services
  • Enhanced customer care – cleaning staff is always on site ready to help and the response to any customer request or need is immediate. Direct customer care through much more effective communication between cleaners, management and customer.
  • Improved recruitment – cleaning staff absence is reduced and recruiting for daytime office cleaning vacancies is easier
  • Changing the perception of cleaning – having cleaners on site during normal business hours changes the way customers and office staff view office cleaning. It changes their perception for hygiene and cleanliness at work and triggers attitude of respect and commitment towards the efforts of cleaners and organisation.

Daisyclean offers free no, obligation survey to your premises to help you with choose efficient office cleaning services and switch to daytime office cleaning. We are providing advice on how daytime cleaning will reduce the cost for cleaning and benefit your business, new cleaning methods and equipment, sustainable cleaning (SC).

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