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Daisyclean Ltd has developed as an environmentally responsible cleaning contractor and has total commitment to reduce the impact on the environment and people caused by the cleaning industry. We realise the importance of Sustainable cleaning and environmental awareness for the future of our planet and society and that every business activity has an immense impact on the world around us. That is why we are working closely with our clients to promote and implement innovative sustainable solutions for improving the effectiveness of contract cleaning and reducing the variable cost of business.

Contract office cleaning normally is done during the evening or at night but recently we are offering our clients daytime office cleaning in order to reduce the cost for regular office cleaning, security and energy and at same time to increased productivity, enhanced customer care and change the perception of customers and office staff for cleaning and hygiene.

It’s vital for our business to work with companies who have matching sustainability goals and are ready to implement new more efficient sustainable office cleaning methods and systems including microfiber cloths and flat mop systems to reduce the use of cleaning detergents, floor pads for chemical free floor cleaning and award winning activeion cleaning solution which converts water into ionised water ideal for regular office cleaning at minimal cost.

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